Showing Up, Comforting Soup, and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

It hit 60 degrees in Connecticut yesterday which made me feel hopeful that we may be emerging from the winter of our discontent. Of course now, it is snowing. This winter so far has been a blur of snow days and pandemic avoidance. I was thinking it has mostly been unremarkable, but then I thought about the … Continue reading Showing Up, Comforting Soup, and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

That’s a Wrap

And just like that, the masks are off. Am I the only one who feels like we went from zero to a thousand overnight? It’s so funny to be in a public space and see adults sheepishly looking around like, “Is this ok?” I feel like I’m living in one of my weird dreams where … Continue reading That’s a Wrap

Warm Those Bones

This has been a big month of burning sage, and vowing to distance from the news cycle. Except for the Bernie memes. Who can get enough of those adorable mittens paired with a dash of curmudgeon? January has been a time of stoking winter’s hopeful spark// read: a blur of drinking too much wine while … Continue reading Warm Those Bones